Web Chat Components

Web Chat Window

Displays the contents of the Web Chat and the Get Started button in Inline Mode.

Floating Mode

Web Chat Window "floats" on top of a webpage.
Webchats in Floating Mode are open when the Web Chat Window is visible.

Inline Mode

Web Chat Window is never hidden and is fixed to a webpage.
Webchats in Inline Mode are open when the Get Started button is clicked.

Action Button (Floating Mode only)

Opens the Web Chat Window when clicked.

Get Started Button (Inline Mode only)

Opens the Web Chat when clicked.


An End User Profile object (string, number, JSON) that can be sent along with messages.

Entry Point

A Dialogue Entry Point that End Users will be sent to when Web Chat is initially opened.


A JSON object representing the theme defaults you'd like to override. See Styling Web Chat.