0.6.19 (build #0619003)

Media library, Preflight caching and media in Dialogues, plus buttons
  • [IRIS-2912] - Buttons in Dialogues
  • [IRIS-3751] - Attach media to message
  • [IRIS-3769] - Ability to add a resource to the library
  • [IRIS-3828] - Update required states to account for images
  • [IRIS-4275] - Support for Facebook media delivery to user
  • [IRIS-4438] - Pre-Flight - Check & Upload Images to Platform
  • [IRIS-4373] - Iris Apps
  • [IRIS-4122] - Lambda Analytics Queries are Slow
  • [IRIS-4361] - Beta analytics endpoint /newAnalytics returns null values
  • [IRIS-4378] - Templated Changes to outgoing events effect core conversations.
  • [IRIS-4383] - Router - Sending hundreds of sentry events an hour
  • [IRIS-4391] - Nginx Config does not allow larger files to be uploaded
  • [IRIS-4392] - Inadequate Error Reporting For Failed Background Upload Process
  • [IRIS-4393] - Asset Processing Fails for Videos
  • [IRIS-4394] - Setting a Label on an Advanced Node no longer works
  • [IRIS-4395] - Deleting a message directly after adding a message no longer works
  • [IRIS-4398] - Asset thumbnails distort the original image proportions
  • [IRIS-4399] - Preflight is in an enabled state when no accounts are linked
  • [IRIS-4400] - Preflight button cannot be run by clicking Preflight
  • [IRIS-4401] - Preflight Media returns false positives
  • [IRIS-4402] - Preflight Process - Resources Microservice Requires IDs as Strings
  • [IRIS-4403] - Multiple runs of Preflight increments the assets count
  • [IRIS-4404] - Slack receiver ignores possibility of further matches for AppID/TeamID if there are multiple workflows where one doesn't match
  • [IRIS-4405] - Graph Service Entry Points Structure Differ Between Twitter and Facebook
  • [IRIS-4406] - Dialogue Deployment on Page Load for Preflight Failed dialogue, cannot re-run preflight
  • [IRIS-4407] - Preflight in Progress - JS errors on Page load
  • [IRIS-4408] - Preflight Two Pass Process Thrashes Resources Service
  • [IRIS-4410] - Preflight Live Issues
  • [IRIS-4411] - Attempting to Promote an invalid dialogue live renders error
  • [IRIS-4412] - Promote to Test is Available and Completes When Preflight is Running
  • [IRIS-4415] - Quicktime Videos Shouldn't Be Supported by Rails
  • [IRIS-4419] - Preflight Live - Provides incorrect parameters to AJAX calls