Pattr Analytics

How to interpret the different analytics metrics exposed by Iris
Select a Dialogue, account, and time period of interest to view basic metrics.
🔔 NOTE: Pattr retains all analytics for your analysis, so you can access analytics for accounts previously linked to Dialogues, and that are not currently running live.

Date Range Analytics

Processed analytics provide a greater behavioural understanding of how users are interacting with the experience.


A session is defined by a user interacting with the experience continuously, timing out after 10 minutes. The timeout period used to define the Session metric has been determined by assessing the usual bot habit of a large frequency of users.
Sessions are also represented graphically per day, per hour.


The number of active unique users who have used the experience. An active user is defined when a user engages with the experience.


The number of messages Pattr has sent over the given period.


The average conversation length of users within valid sessions.

Entry Points

Analytics collected per entry point

Conversation Nodes

Select a Conversation Node to find out further information on key answers and natural language submitted by users of the Dialogue on Keyboard answers and Natural Language.

Keyboard answers

Keyboard answers refer to quick reply answers provided by users.

Natural Language

Natural Language refers to all typed text from users. This is very important in the development of natural language learning, as previous interactions with users allow the developer of the Dialogue to have a greater idea about what interactions to expect in the future, and modify the conversation accordingly.