Launch Pad

Edit, Test and Promote Dialogues Live in Launch Pad
  • View Dialogues in three different states: Design, Test & Live
  • View actions that can be applied to the Dialogue in each state
  • Stop Live Dialogues ⛔️
  • Remove Dialogues 🗑
🔔 NOTE : Pattr saves changes to your Dialogue automatically. So, each time you exit Launch Pad we have all your changes saved 😀. Just keep saving edits you make to conversation nodes, as these are not saved automatically.

Stage One: Design

Conversation in design: Edit your Dialogue
Selecting "Edit" will redirect you to "Dialogue editor" where you can modify your conversation. Click here to learn more about conversation flow in "Dialogue Editor".
After designing your Dialogue, select "Promote to testing" in order to test it.
🔔 NOTE : Even if you wish to take the conversation to live immediately, you will have to promote through the testing stage, and then take it live. No leapfrogging here 🐸.

Stage Two: Test

Ready for private testing: Within Pattr, users engage with Dialogues through the social media account you link to it. This way communication between the user and Dialogue is not unlike a conversation between two individuals.
Linking an account to a Dialogue
In order to test your Dialogue, you will need to link it to an account. Click here to learn how to add social media account to Pattr.
Link an account by clicking "Add an account" and selecting an unassigned account from the list by clicking the green add sign.
If you have media in your Dialogue (images, gifs, links etc.) you will need the "Preflight process" before testing. This will upload media to relevant platform(s) getting ready for testing to start. This will only take a moment, hang tight! ⏰
Select "Start dialogue". You are now able to engage in testing on the social media account attached to your Dialogue.
🔔 NOTE : For optimal results when creating a conversation, it is ideal to have a social media account for your intended audience (which will run the Dialogue live) and ANOTHER separate account for private testing. This way you can continue testing and your audience only sees polished Dialogues 😀.

Common feedback from the Testing stage:

  • I want my Dialogue across several social media platforms: A single Dialogue can be assigned to Multiple social media accounts. This way your audience is able to engage in your conversation regardless of their preferred social media platform.
  • I am not able to access accounts linked to my conversation: To access accounts, a conversation must not be running, hit "stop dialogue".

Stage Three: Live

Running live & visible to customers: Get your Dialogue accessible to the public 🤳
Select "Start Dialogue" in order to get it running.
Whilst promoting Dialogues Live, keep in mind the constraints of your plan. In order to view your usage or upgrade to access more content, head to "Plan and Subscription" in your profile. Click here to learn more.

Sharing your Live Dialogue


On Facebook, head to the account you have linked with the Dialogue to retrieve a sharable link.


Pattr provides a link for each entry point you have created in your Dialogue. Select "Entry Points" in order to retrieve the link. Note that any non-default entry points can only be accessed directly via the link.
You may also wish to create a Twitter DM card to share your Dialogue. Click here to learn how .