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Create New Dialogues

If you are searching for how to design a Dialogue, click here.

Add an Account

Click here to learn how to add an account to your Pattr.
Within Pattr, users engage with dialogues through the social media account that you link to them. This way, communication between the user and the dialogue is not unlike a conversation between two individuals. That's why each account can only have one dialogue attached to it.
Each time you add a social media account to your Companies on Pattr, this is another unassigned account that can be linked to a Dialogue in order to test it, or push it live.
🔔 NOTE: You can have multiple social media accounts assigned to a single conversation. This is inclusive of different social medias (this way, users of Facebook and Twitter may engage in a conversation with the same content designed by you).

Edit Existing Dialogues

In order to edit existing Dialogues, follow the button to "Launch Pad". Click here to learn more about Launch Pad.

Some terminology to understand how dialogues are presented

  • Name: The name that has been given to the dialogue.
  • Platform: The social media platform the dialogue is intended to perform on.
  • Version: Refers to the number of modifications to the original dialogue. This is helpful when making sure that the most up to date version is the one being deployed/tested/activated.
  • Last modified: The date on which the latest version (modification) was created.
  • Stop: Unique to active dialogues, this removes the dialogue from being accessible to the public.
  • Edit v1: This is an action unique to dialogues in their first version. We find that conversations benefit from being modified over time. This button makes it easy to improve your conversation with changes.