Accounts and Integrations

Handling social media accounts linked to your Iris account
All Twitter, Facebook, and custom (e.g. Slack) accounts you have linked to Pattr appear under Accounts and Integrations when clicking on your name at the top right corner.
Click here to learn how to add an account to your Pattr.
By clicking on a linked account, you are able to find out information on their status:
  • The ID and handle of that social media account
  • What interactions the account allows (direct message/timeline)
  • Whether the account is active (can be linked to a Dialogue)
  • You have the option of unlinking accounts, which will prevent them from having Dialogues linked to them.
🔔 NOTE: Each Twitter handle or Facebook page can only have one Dialogue attached to them.
Within Pattr, users engage with dialogues through the social media account that you link to it. This way, communication between the user and the dialogue is not unlike a conversation between two individuals. That’s why each account can only have one dialogue attached to it. So make good decisions about which dialogues to attach to where 😀.
To learn how to add more accounts to your company click here.