Facebook Ads App

Iris Platform Users can associate FB Ads to a Dialogue. When customers are talking with Iris and a FB Ad event is received, users will then be traversed to the Dialogue's appropriate path.
📑 Setting up Ads: Facebook Ads Platform 📑 Configuring Pattr access to Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads Page Token

Creating a new Ad Reference

Open Facebook Ads App on Pattr Marketplace

In order to set up your ideal Facebook Ads experience, you must first select the Dialogue Configuration you wish to set up from the Configuration Dropdown Selector in the left-side panel.
Once a Configuration has been selected, you will be permitted to generate a new Facebook Ads Reference by clicking the ADD FACEBOOK AD REFERENCE button.
Make sure that you have the correct Mode (Live/Test) selected when you are amending your preferences.
"Facebook Ads Pattr Dialogue" is the selected Configuration in the app's Live mode.

Create a new Ad Reference

Clicking the ADD FACEBOOK AD REFERENCE button will display a Create New Ad Ref modal where you will be able to:
  • Give the new Ad Ref a Title (required);
  • View the newly generated Ad Ref;
  • Select a Conversation to link to the newly generated Ad Ref;
A Conversation will only be selectable if it is connected to the Facebook Ads App in the Dialogue. Otherwise, the Conversation Dropdown Selector will read "No Conversations Available".
Do not copy/use the newly generated Ad Ref until after you have clicked the CREATE button (see next step) which creates and saves the Ad Ref.
Newly generated Ad Ref will be titled "Test Ad" and will be linked to "Ad Target 001".

Save the Ad Reference

Clicking the CREATE button will create and save the newly generated Ad Ref.
Clicking CANCEL will cancel the Ad Ref creation process. No Ad Ref will be created.

Copy your newly created Ad Reference code

Each newly created Ad Ref will be displayed in its own Facebook Ads Reference component and will be labelled by the title you have given it.
Copy the Ad Reference so that you may input it into your Facebook Ads Platform. See Linking Iris Ad Reference to the Facebook Ad.
A newly created Ad Ref titled "Test Ad" which is linked to the Conversation "Ad Target 001".

Editing an existing Ad Reference

Each Facebook Ads Reference component will contain an EDIT button which will allow you to:
  • Make changes to Ad References;
  • Delete Ad References;

Editing an Ad Reference

To edit details of an Ad reference, click the Facebook Ads Reference component's EDIT button, amend the Title and/or Conversation details in the Edit modal (Ad Ref cannot be altered) and then press the SAVE button.

Deleting an Ad Reference

To edit details of an Ad reference, click the Facebook Ads Reference component's EDIT button then click the DELETE button in the Edit modal.
Edit modal for an Ad Reference.