Company Invites

Inviting team members to join your company on Pattr.
Selecting the "Company Setting" tab of your profile, you will see a unique link that can be sent to other team members to join your company on Pattr.
Pattr Permissions Guide
Pattr shared Dialogue access within companies is ideal for collaboration, however, in order to protect your privacy, there are different roles depending on who is able to view, share and reset this link;
  • Social members are not able to see the invite token;
  • User members are able to see and share the invite link but not reset it;
  • Admin members are able to see, share, and reset the invite link.
Resetting the invite link generates a new unique link allowing members to join your company. Anyone who has an old link prior to clicking reset will not be able to join your Company.

Finding your Role

You are able to see your role below your name under "Company Settings."
🔔 NOTE: If you do not have the permissions needed to invite team members, your company settings will look like this.