Dialogue Tips and Tricks

Optimising conversational experiences with your users
In order to get the most out of your experience, we recommend the following;
  • Maintain a consistent tone throughout copy
For example, if aiming to have a casual and conversational experience with your audience, continue throughout.
💬 "Hey there 👋, welcome to our cafe", "Thanks for your order! We hope you love our keep cup as much as we do" 💬
  • Keep responses short and sweet
Help users focus on content by keeping the content concise and to the point.
  • Break larger chunks of text into multiple messages
Utilise multiple messages option to avoid unappealing large blocks of text. Naturally break up text when making multiple points. Use whitespace in messages to denote important content.
  • Media can really help
GIFs, videos and images can demonstrate the ability of a product, provide additional information (a map or exterior view) or add personality to the experience.
  • Use Buttons to replace messy copy and paste of URLS
Instead of pasting a URL into text, use native platform conventions like buttons. Buttons allow you to customise the title displayed to the user rather than a long and potentially confusing URL.
  • Always provide a user with a path forward
A 'dead end' refers to a lone conversation node, leaving the audience with no option to progress the conversation. Redirect your audience within your experience to repeat earlier information, learn more, or provide access to other, relevant parts of the experience.
  • Preface emoji over text where appropriate.
Emoji are a great way to highlight and communicate with users and also provide a way to structure and emphasise the importance of particular parts of the conversation.
☎️ 1800 000 000 > Phone number: 1800 000 000
⚠️ Your time is nearly up ⚠️ > Warning, your time is nearly up
🚫 Pets 🚫 Loud Parties > Pets and Loud parties are not permitted at our venues