Twitter DM card

Creating a Twitter direct message card

Why Use Twitter DM Cards?

  • Prompt your audience to engage with your Dialogue
  • Can be used to direct your audience to a particular entry point in your conversation. For example "where to order" or "how to contact us"
🔔 NOTE: Settings of the Twitter account being linked to the Dialogue must be set to "receive direct messages from anyone" in order to create a Twitter DM card.

Creating a Twitter DM Card

Go to and log in to your Twitter account. There are several conditions your Twitter account must fulfill in order to go ahead with the DM card.
Following approval, Under "Creatives", select "Cards"
The most common DM cards are "Image Direct Message Card" and "Video Direct Message Card"
Selecting this, you move on to creating your card.
Select an image/video
For Twitter instructions for the size of your chosen media click here.
Select Button
You can select up to four buttons, each leading to a different conversation entry point.
Button text
This is the text that will be displayed on each Button.
Button welcome message ID
To access "Button Welcome Message ID" on Pattr open the Dialogue the Twitter DM card is intended for (make sure that the Dialogue is live and running)
Under "actions" select "entry points"
Click on the linked account intended for the Twitter DM and copy the ID for the entry point you wish to use.
Card name
This is the title of the Twitter DM card.

Viewing your card

Here is an example of a Twitter DM Image Card: