Quick Reply Keyboard Nodes

Help your customers out by creating easy to use buttons that make navigating a breeze.
Quick reply keyboards are the easiest way for you to help your customer navigate through your conversation. They appear as buttons at the bottom of the screen after the content you've set in a Conversation Node.
Keyboards are attached to Conversation Nodes, so you'll need to start from the conversation node you want to attach a keyboard.
Click the node you wish to add a keyboard to and select the plus symbol (+). You'll see a drop down menu of options, in this case we'll select Quick Reply.
Drag the Quick Reply keyboard out to a clear space on the screen (you can move it around later if you want!). You'll note your new keyboard is red, which indicates an error. The error in this case is you have a keyboard that doesn't lead anywhere, but let's edit the keyboard first and then connect it to another conversation node so you don't have a dead end.
Click the Quick Reply button node and select the edit Pencil option. An edit pane will appear on the right side of your screen.
Title - this is the label on the keyboard and visible to the customer. Description - extra info you can add to clarify what the keyboard is for and is visible to the customer.


For Messenger, the Title has a character limit of 20. Messenger does not display the Description For Twitter, the Title has a character limit of 36, and the Description has a character limit of 72. If you would like to use descriptions, every keyboard attached to the same node must have a description, otherwise none of the descriptions will appear.
You can use emojis in both the Title and the Description 😊
Once you're happy with your keyboard, click save. Congrats!