Conversation Nodes

This is where you get to chat with your customers.
Conversation nodes are the backbone of your experience, good messaging is essential to making your bot a success.
The text you set in a conversation node will be displayed to your users as they pass through that point in the conversation.
Conversation nodes are the blue-grey nodes you will see in the graph. (Quick Replies are the bright green nodes, and form the options a user can select from. For more information on how to use a quick reply node, click here)
Now, lets learn how to create a basic conversation node.
First, select the node in your dialogue that your new conversation node will follow from - this is usually a Quick Reply keyboard - and click on the plus symbol (+)
You will see all the different kinds of nodes you can create from a quick reply keyboard. Click on Conversation Node and drag it out to where you want your node to sit (don't worry, you can easily move it around later).
You should end up with a new node connected to the Quick Reply keyboard that looks something like this.
Now you will want to edit the text in the node, click the centre of the node and then the Pencil icon to edit.
The edit button opens a new pane on the right side of the screen where you can edit the conversation.
You'll note there are a lot of options for you to customise your conversation node, at this point we're only going to enter a Title and a Message.
Title - this is a label for you to be able to find your way around a conversation. The customer does not see this.
Message - This is where you write the message the customer will see. Keep it under 250 characters for ease of readability. You can't use html code or text formatting in the message content. You can use emojis!
Add New Message - You can send a sequence of messages to a user. To find out more, continue reading.
Add New Fail Message - This is where you can specify a message that appears if a user does something unexpected and Pattr does not have a path to take the user. To find out more about Failure Messages, click here.
Insert Media - Click here to learn more about using Media in your conversation node.
Add URL - This is the option to add a link that users can access by a button. "Button title" will be displayed for users to click.
Settings - Click here to learn how to make a Facebook Carousel.
Once you've filled in the message and given your Conversation Node a title, press save. Well done!

Add Another Message to a Conversation Node

Sometimes you need to add a punchline, break up a longer message or just add emphasis to your conversation. You can do that by adding one more more messages to the main conversation node. First, open the conversation node you want to add a Fail Message to by clicking the node and then the Pencil to edit.
Next, click on the Add New Message button and you'll see a new Message text entry box open.
Enter the text you want your customers to see in the second message text box.
When you're happy with your work, click Save!