Adding Fail Messages

You can add a failure message to a conversation node to help customers when the unexpected happens
Sometimes you’ll get an unexpected response from a customer so you need to let them know how to get the right result.
First, open the conversation node you want to add a Fail Message to by clicking the node and then the Pencil to edit.
Next, click on the blue button Add New Fail Message
Now you can add the message your customer will receive when they do something unexpected on that conversation node.
You can ask your customers to try using one of the buttons you've built in, or if you have Natural Language Classification activated, you can ask them to rephrase what they wrote and try again.
🔔 NOTE: It is good practice to not let your customers get caught in a loop where your bot continually asks the customer to repeat themselves. Once a customer has attempted and action twice, it is usually a good idea to offer to hand the customer over to a live agent using a Holding Node.
Once you have entered in the Fail Message, click save.