Using Media in your Dialogue

How to upload, use and publish media

Uploading Media

Media is stored in your library. Follow the 'Library' tab, and select 'Active' in order to upload new Media.
After selecting your media file, you can create a Media Title. If left blank, your media will be titled with the name of the original document.

Using Media in a Dialogue

Media can be used in conversation nodes within your Dialogues. Select a conversation node, and select the first button below the message box in order to upload Media.
Once the Media is attached to your conversation node, it will appear above the message copy.
Adding media to the Dialogue by adding it to a Conversation Node, running Preflight on the Dialogue and then starting it.
Before your Dialogue can be pushed to the Testing and Live stages, you must run pre-flight in order to process all your media and make sure the corresponding social accounts are cached.
The end result, when end users interact with your experience, is that media is super fast and doesn't block the conversation from continuing.

Testing Your Work

Once the Dialogue is running, have a look at your work and see how fast Media is!