Twitter Threadventures

Building a Twitter Timeline Threadventure with the Iris platform.

🛠 How to build a Threadventure

  1. 1.
    Structure, messaging and media go into the Pattr Dialogue Designer (this is the same system used to build a bot BUT for a Threadventure no bot is ever made live);
  2. 2.
    Threadventure is generated from the Dialogue to a test handle for review;
  3. 3.
    Partner auth their handle;
  4. 4.
    Threadventure is published to Partner handle;

🔥 Benefits

  • Zero code solution
  • Fully supported UI designer to build thread
  • You control design and build with Partner
  • 24-hour max time to publish on our side

✅ Best Practices

  • Media works well
  • Make the fork decisions clear
  • User run-through should be around 3 mins in length when using the final Threadventure
  • If you have a back to the start, you can convince users to play around for a while
  • Keep copy light, media-heavy. Give users the ability to retry if they make a mistake

🚀 Examples

BBCiPlayer Race Across the World
BBC Glastonbury - Twitter Produced
O2 - Twitter Produced
Tottenham Hotspur
Amazon Prime - Which Film Stereotype Are You?
Olympics 20th anniversary of #Sydney2000

Building the Threadventure

1. Upload Media

2. Build the Threadventure Structure

3. Edit Messaging and Media

4. Threadventure Generation

Notify your account contact that Threadventure is ready for generation.