Linking a Twitter App

Creating and linking a Twitter app to power your experiences.
A Twitter App is different to your Twitter @handle, however when building an experience on Twitter you will need both.
The image above shows how information from your @handle is communicated to Pattr through your Twitter App. To complete the setup you will need to create an App on Twitter then input the details on the Pattr platform.

Creating your Twitter App

Visit: to complete the following steps.
1. Apply for Developer Access
To create a new Twitter App with the required permission you will need to apply for Developer access. To apply, complete this form: Apply – Twitter Developers
2. Create a Twitter App
If you have completed the Apply for Developer Access process and been approved by Twitter or already have the required permission, the next step is to create a Twitter App. To create an App, complete this form: Client Applications – Twitter Developers
⚠️Note: If you are prevented from creating an App and see a message stating, "Please apply for a Twitter developer account". Please complete the step Apply for Developer Access.
❗️ IMPORTANT - App Details ❗️ Under App Details, ensure you have checked Enable Sign in with Twitter and entered the Pattr Callback URL.
In addition to the required fields from Twitter, your Twitter App should look like the image below.
❗️ IMPORTANT - Set an Environment ❗️ You will need to set an Environment that you will later add in Pattr, set this for Account Activity API on this page: Dev Environments - Twitter Developers
Click the Set up a dev environment button for the Account Activity API. A correct setup will look like the image below.
3. Review your App
When your App has been successfully created, you will have access to Keys and Tokens like the image below. Click here to know how to access to Keys and Tokens.

Setup Pattr

With your Twitter App created, the next step is to enter the details on the Pattr platform.
1. From your Pattr Dashboard, click on your name on the top right corner and go to Accounts & Integrations.
2. Select Twitter located under "Add App".
3. Complete the App Settings form.
✳️ Tip: Use this link if you're having trouble finding your Environment Label: Dev Environments If this page redirects to "Interested in a developer account", please complete the Apply for Developer Access step above.
4. Confirming your Twitter App
If your App has been successfully added, you should see the same screen as in the image below. Once you see this, you are ready to authenticate your Twitter @handle with the App.
5. Authenticating a Twitter @handle
Click the Add Account button within the App Settings.
For more information about this process visit: Authenticating Your Twitter Account
⚠️Note: If you are seeing errors related to Authenticating a Twitter @handle, please confirm you have entered the correct Keys and Tokens and have correct Developer Access Permissions.