Linking a Facebook App

Creating and linking a Facebook app to power your experiences.
Connecting a Facebook App to Pattr enables you to access your Facebook Pages and run a Messenger Experience.
The image above shows how information from your Facebook Page on Messenger is communicated to Pattr through your Facebook App. To complete the setup you will need to create an App on Facebook then input the details on the Pattr platform.

Creating your Facebook App

Visit: to complete the following steps.
1. Create a Facebook App
Click Add a New App and give it a Display Name.
2. Select a scenario
Select Get Started with the Facebook Login from the list of Scenarios.
3. Complete Details
Complete the necessary and required fields for your usage of the Facebook App, minimal information is required to test your App however Facebook will require at minimum the following information for an approval submission:
  • App Icon (1024 x 1024)
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Category
  • Business Use
4. Add a Product
From the menu under Products, click Facebook Login > Settings. Enter the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs with the follow Iris Callback URL.
Then click Save Changes at the bottom. Your screen should look like this:
⚠️Note: You may test your App as the Facebook Admin however it will not be publicly accessible until you have completed an App Review for Messenger. This can be found from the menu Messenger > Settings> App Review for Messenger.

Setup Pattr

With your Facebook App created, the next step is to enter the details on the Pattr platform.
1. Go to Accounts & Integrations.
2. Select Facebook under Add App.
3. Complete the App Settings form.
✳️ Tip: Once you click Save, Pattr will complete the setup on Facebook and make all the required Webhooks to run an experience on Messenger. You will see on Facebook new options have appeared in the left menu as seen below.
4. Confirming your Facebook App
When your App has been successfully added you will see it appears like the image below. Once you see this you are ready to authenticate your Facebook Account with the App to link a page.
5. Linking a Facebook Page
Click the Add Account button in the App Settings pane.
For more information about this process visit: Authenticating Your Facebook Account
❗️ IMPORTANT - App Approval ❗️
When you're ready to go live on Messenger, you will need to have your App reviewed and approved by Facebook.
This can be found from the left menu, Messenger > Settings > App Review for Messenger. Apply for pages_messaging permission by clicking Add to Submission.